Spring Break News Round-Up Vol. 2

Zip Line fun on Spring Break

Spring Break is in full swing with the majority of colleges and universities going on break this week and next. Let’s check in and see what is happening in the world of Spring Break and what is making news.

— San Antonio Police Department: Certain crimes ‘bloom’ during spring break
— This Is What Spring Break Looked Like in 1947
Wild Photos of Spring Break Partiers Through the Decades
— ECU students participate in “staycation” for Spring Break
— Spring break brings chance to try new food
— Lone deputy breaks up Spring Break beach brawl
— Evolution of spring break at Illinois State University
— Photo gallery: Students enjoy spring break on South Beach
19 Sexiest Spring Break Destinations in America
— College students flock to the coast for spring break
— Spring Break Offers Disappointed Swimmers A Chance to Refuel
— Spring break brings return of grandparent scam
— Spring Break Guide To Playa del Carmen
Top 5 Ski Destinations For Your Spring Break
— Spring Break Drinking Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint
The Best Spring Break Swimsuit Trends
— Spring Break Fashion Essentials: Make the Few Clothes You’ll Be Wearing Count
— The 12 Best Spring Breaks Now That You’re an Adult
— Just because, here is video of Lindsey Pelas running Slo Mo
— Photo Gallery: Ball State Spring Break 2015
— Guide to Spring Break: Austin, Texas
— 12 Secrets No One Tells You About Spring Break
— Last-minute, sunny getawayswithout the spring-break crowd
— Spring Break staycation ideas that won’t break the bank
— Forget Florida for spring break, go skiing in NY
Tips for Spring Break
Tips to avoid Spring Break scammers
— Top Colleges Where Girls Party The Hardest During Spring Break
— GIFs of Hilarious Spring Break Moments That Didn’t Go As Planned (22 gifs)
The 15 Worst People You Meet During Spring Break
— Yes, it’s Spring Break in the Keys — but the crowds are tamer
— Spring Break hits Pensacola Beach
Need some spring break ideas?
— 17 Ways To Bring Spring Break To You

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