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Sunscreen Flask


2-Pack of sneaky flasks that hold 8 oz. of liquid in a food grade plastic tube made to look identical to a tube of sunscreen. Includes a mini-funnel for ease of filling.

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Whether it is because of the hole in the Ozone layer or because cases of skin cancer are on the rise, many stadiums, arenas and beaches all allow people to bring in sunscreen. So why would any security guard or law enforcement officer look twice at an 8 oz tube of what looks to be SPF 30 or SPF 15 sunscreen? They wouldn’t. And that is why a Sunscreen Flask is a “must have” for any sports fan, concert goer or beach comber that wants to have a few drinks in those places that don’t allow your own alcohol on the premises

Drinking alcohol on the beach or on the ski slopes is frowned upon. When you can drink whether it is in a bar or somewhere else, those drink prices are exorbitant. In those venues like concert arenas, a rum and cola can cost around $15 and you will be lucky if you get a full shot of rum in there. When you bring in your Sunscreen Flasks, you can now buy the soda for a fraction of the cost of a mixed drink and you get to monitor how strong or weak of a drink you want to make. Add to it, when you smuggle your booze into a venue, you are saving money hand over fist compared to buying drinks inside.

The Sunscreen Flask is made from food grade plastic and is safe to place any type of liquid in it. Will not leak and the top screws on tightly ensuring none of your booze will leak out alerting security or law enforcement that it does not contain sunscreen lotion. The Sunscreen Flask holds 8 ounces of liquid. Since the Sunscreen Flasks comes in a 2-Pack, that totals 16 ounces of liquor which is over half a 750 ml bottle of booze. Honestly, if entering a venue on a sunny day and you had two tubes of sunscreen, one SPF 15 and the other SPF 30, nobody would think twice about what might be inside.

The Sunscreen Flask comes in a 2-Pack box containing two (2) 8 oz flasks per box and a mini-funnel for ease of filling.

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