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Intense 2-on-2 game that is best described as Volleyball meets Four-Square. This game is perfect for the beach or the park. Comes with two (2) competition balls and one larger training ball. Backpack style carry case is included for easy transportation.

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  • Active 4 person Volleyball style game
  • Includes 1 Slammo Target, 2 9cm Competition Balls, 1 12cm Training Ball, Carrying Case and Rules
  • No More Pockets- 100% Net Coverage
  • Strong PVC keeps a perfect circle under net tension

Check out this video on how to set it up properly and how to play Slammo.

How to play Slammo:

Teams have three hits (or less if they choose) to return the ball by bouncing it off a circular net that is ankle high on the ground. Unlike volleyball, instead of hitting the ball over a net, players hit the ball off a trampoline type net. The same player can not hit the ball twice in a row like in volleyball. If the ball hits the ground or one team fails to get the ball back to the net in three hits or less, the team that last hit the net gets a point. Teams can only score when they are the serving team and normally games will play to 21 points. For an abbreviated game, play to 11 points.

In Slammo, there are no out of bounds like in volleyball. This is a complete 360 degree game in that teams do not have to hit the ball off the net in a certain direction. Hit the ball as hard as you like to make it travel further away from the opponent to increase your chances of scoring points. You can use all parts of your body in Slammo to get the ball to your teammate or onto the net as long as the player does not hit the ball twice in a row.

Slammo is similar to the game Spikeball*. One of the main advantages of Slammo is the superior construction materials used for the game. The PVC pipe used for the net frame is stronger and this is better to avoid any gaps or pockets in between the net and the frame. Strong PVC keeps a perfect circle under net tension. Even though the quality of construction materials are a higher quality than the competitors, the price is still lower than the competition.

*Spikeball is a registered trademark of Kankakee Spikeball Inc.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 6 in


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