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Lotion Flasks


Smuggle your booze into events past security with these flask disguised as hand lotion tubes.

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In order to stay one step ahead of the security guards and doormen checking your pockets and bags when entering an event, use Lotion Flasks.

The Lotion Flask is a stealth and sneaky way to smuggle your booze into concerts, festivals, bars and clubs, a cruise, football games, baseball games, the beach or wherever it might be frowned upon to be consuming an alcoholic beverage. Lotion Flasks are great to take anywhere, day or night, undetected. Would a security guard ever question bringing in a tube of hand lotion?

The Lotion Flask is made from food grade plastic and is safe to place any type of liquid in it. Will not leak and the top screws on tightly ensuring none of your booze will leak out alerting security or law enforcement that it does not contain hand lotion. The cap flips up like a real tube of hand lotion and you can squirt a shot or two into your drink just by squeezing the tube.

  • Each Flask holds 4 oz.
  • Includes 2 Funnels for Easy Filling
  • Looks Like Real Lotion Bottles – Take Them Anywhere!
  • Includes 3 Unique Designs
  • Made from Food Safe Plastic (wash before using)

Each Lotion Flask holds 4 ounces of liquid. Since the Lotion Flasks comes in a 3-Pack, that totals 12 ounces of liquor which is about half a 750 ml bottle of booze.

The Lotion Flask comes in a 3-Pack box containing three (3) 4 oz. flasks per box and two (2) mini-funnels for ease of filling Prices and shipping costs are for United States customers only.

Think about it. For less than $20 you can be saving money the first time you use these Lotion Flasks. Honestly, the first time you use them, they will pay for themselves. Reusable by washing them out and rinsing thoroughly. (Do not place in the dishwasher) Use them over and over again and save money every time you use them.


Flat rate shipping costs are for shipping to the Continental United States. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands among other U.S. Protectorates along with countries outside the United States including Canada and Mexico, additional shipping is required.

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