Beer Can Covers (12 oz Coors)


Cover your Coors/Coors Light/Keystone/Keystone Light beer can with these covert can covers. Made from real soda or energy drink cans, these can covers are cut and made to fit the unique size of taller/thinner beer cans.

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Stealth drinking. Covert consumption. Sneaky sipping. No matter what you call it, having a beer in a place where it is frowned upon is not impossible. As long as you are not acting like a jackass and calling attention to yourself, having a beer out in public is not really that big of a deal. You need to hide your beer with a can cover that is socially acceptable to drink. Maybe when visiting grandma she frowns upon you drinking a beer in front of her. If you hide your beer with one of these can covers, she will never know and your visit will be much more enjoyable.

A number of beer brands come in a 12 oz. can that is taller and thinner, i.e. Coors, Coors Light, Keystone, Keystone Light, etc., Those that prefer these brands have complained that the regular can covers made from regular 12 oz. soda cans do not fit properly on these taller/thinner cans. We have solved this problem.

These are genuine 16 oz. energy drink cans that have been cut and sanded to wrap around and cover a 12 oz. taller/thinner beer can. In some cases, we use the larger 16 oz. sizes of soda cans so you may not always get an energy drink can to cover your beer. Either way, these cans will fit taller/thinner 12 oz. cans perfectly.

No more of those phony wraps that say “Coco Cola” or “Dr Pecker”. These are the Real McCoy and from a reasonable distance, look exactly like a regular energy drink or soda can.

NOTE: Although these covers are designed to cover a beer, DO NOT use these to drink and drive. Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is illegal and highly dangerous. DO NOT use these covers for any illegal activities. You are responsible for knowing what the laws are where you are using these can covers. You as the buyer will assume any and all liability and responsibility that may arise from the use of this product, financial or otherwise.

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