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Beer Belt


A belt made of heavy duty, waterproof ballistic nylon with beverage slots for 6 beers. Two colors available: Pink and Animal Print.

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Whether it is in the movies or the comic books, Batman’s utility belt never included beer. Shame, isn’t it? As a mobile party person you may not be as stealth as the Dark Knight but with The Beer Belt you can carry a six-pack, your ID, cash, a deck of cards or your cell phone all around your waist.

The belt is made of heavy duty waterproof ballistic nylon and the beverage slots are heavily insulated to ensure your beer stays cold. An over sized buckle and waist strap makes the belt extremely durable for multiple parties in the future.

It also comes with an inner zipper pouch so you can put your cash, credit cards and most importantly, your ID so you can have it at the ready for the impending conversation with a police officer. Also, a rectangular pouch comes on The Beer Belt that is the perfect size to fit a pack of cigarettes, your cell phone or a pack of playing cards should a game of Up the River/Down the River break out.

Available in two colors:

  • Animal Print
  • Pink

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

Animal Print, Camo, Pink, Black, Blue, Red


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